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Welcome to Brown & Brown Farms, where the grass is always greener. We are one of America’s biggest and most trusted grass seed suppliers, with thousands of happy customers around the world.

As one of only three American grass seed suppliers with an A+ BBB rating, you can expect nothing but the best from us. Whether you’re based in the US, or an international customer, we will strive to deliver a service that exceeds all expectations.

We are leading lawn and agricultural grass seed suppliers, with a comprehensive catalogue of premium quality seeds available for rapid delivery anywhere in the world; all available at affordable prices direct from the grower.

Brown & Brown Farms have acted as the trusted grass seed suppliers for a wide variety of customers, helping to create everything from rolling agricultural pasture, to beautiful lawns for both private and public properties.

To discuss your grass seed requirements with us, give us a call on 352 748 2085.

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Lawn Grass Seed Suppliers

We stock all of the best-selling, fast-growing lawn seed varieties for high quality, low maintenance lawns for homes of all sizes. Our turf seeds are widely used for many municipal purposes, including roadside plantings, sports fields, and parks.

Agricultural Grass Seed Suppliers

Our premium pasture seed varieties are suitable for growing grass crops for grazing and foraging by livestock, game and other wildlife. We also have cover crop seed, suitable for many agricultural purposes including soil conservation, erosion control, pasture, and the production of hay and oats.