Annual Rye

What is it used for?
What are the best growing conditions? 
What’s the seed rate?

What is Annual Rye used for?

Annual ryegrass is a multi-purpose European import which is excellent for increasing organic matter, improving soil structure, preventing erosion and giving quick growth and establishment. In addition, it is good for taking up and storing soil nitrogen and preventing its loss to leaching. It suppresses weeds and provides lasting soil residue. It can be used in ‘living sod’ cash crop systems to reduce soil splashing, improve crop quality, and possibly suppress disease and pest incidence.

Annual ryegrass can also be used for cattle grazing and it is widely used for soil conservation purposes. Farmers will see an improvement in their topsoil layer as a result of this grass’s fine, fibrous root system. 

What are the best growing conditions for Annual Rye?

Annual ryegrass is best suited to higher, cooler elevations and humid areas. In Hawaii, it can be planted year-round at elevations above 1500 ft. At lower elevations, the best time to plant annual ryegrass for optimum growth is during the cooler, winter months. It grows on a range of soil types and has a preferred soil pH range of 5.5 to 7.0. It does well on heavy, temporarily waterlogged soils if well established. It does not tolerate shade for long periods.  

What’s the seed rate?

Planting instructions:

    •    Broadcast a minimum of 40 lbs per acre

    •    Or drill 10 lbs per acre (0.2 to 0.4 bu per acre) pure live seed in a well prepared, weed-free field

    •    Plant at a depth of about ¼ to ½ inc

Annual ryegrass comes in a 50 lbs. bag and is priced at $28

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Seed Growth Area

Map of Annual Rye Seed Growth Area

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