Brown Top Millet

What is it used for?
What are the best growing conditions? 
What’s the seed rate?

Brown Top Millet

What is Brown Top Millet used for?

Brown Top Millet is a warm season, leafy annual grass crop which is great for dove fields, wild game food plots, erosion control and many other uses including grazing for wildlife, pasture, hay and seed production. It is usually added to food plots to supply nutrients and variety. It can also be used as a cover and nurse crop for new grass plantings. It usually sprouts within five days of receiving moisture and matures in 65 to 70 days.

What are the best growing conditions for Brown Top Millet?

Planted in May, Brown Top Millet grows best on dry, well-drained soils of all types but mainly in sandy-loam soils. It requires a soil pH of 5.0 to 6.5 and between 30 and 60 inches of annual rainfall. Brown Top Millet favours the warm season but will survive at temperatures as low as 50°F. 

What’s the seed rate?

Planting instructions:

    •    Plant at 10 lbs. to 25 lbs. per acre

Brown Top Millet comes in a 50 lbs. bag and is priced at $38

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Seed Growth Area

Map of Brown Top Millet Grass Seed Growth Area

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