Iron and Clay Peas

What is it used for?
What are the best growing conditions? 
What’s the seed rate?

Iron and Clay Cowpeas

What are Iron and Clay Cowpeas used for?

Iron and Clay Cowpeas are annual late maturing peas that provide feed for quail and deer in the fall. It is extremely high yielding, high in protein and productive throughout the summer. It is also very tolerant to deer grazing once established and has good regrowth potential. Iron and Clay Cowpeas will also produce seed in pods in late summer that make excellent food for deer, turkey, rabbit, quail and doves. Iron Clay produces the large amounts of organic matter and nitrogen needed to enrich the soil, and the cowpeas are also widely used in the deer forage mixtures available on the market.

What are the best growing conditions for Iron and Clay Cowpeas?

Cowpeas are grown much like soybeans, as a cover crop for southern growers. They are ideal for planting after the spring garden to increase soil organics and prevent summer weed growth. They can be sown from mid-Spring once soil temperatures have warmed, through early Fall. They are frost sensitive, but grow quickly to 2½ feet in warmer weather. They have long taproots that go relatively deep and help them to withstand drought and grow well in desert summers with only moderate irrigation. 

What’s the seed rate?

Planting instructions:

    •    Drill at 25 lbs. per acre

    •    Or broadcast at up to 120 lbs. per acre

Iron and Clay Cowpeas come in a 50 lbs. bag priced at $42

*Prices subject to change without notice

Seed Growth Area

Map of Iron and Clay Cowpeas Grass Seed Growth Area

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