Bahia grass cultivars have always featured a considerable amount of hard seed, meaning that it took up to three weeks to establish a full stand.

This presented something of a problem for forage growers, as during this time, pastures could easily become infested with weeds.

TifQuik Bahia provides an effective solution to this age old problem. Specifically developed by the US Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia for use as forage grass in the South Eastern states, TifQuik Bahia grass is universally renowned for its high yields and rapid production rate.

Indeed, TifQuik Bahia grass has many uses that are completely unique to this revolutionary strain. The reduced hard seed makes for much faster germination and field establishment than most any other Bahia grass. This gives forage growers a significant head start on weeds, as pastures will be covered sooner, allowing for grazing and hay removal to be carried out much sooner – and with higher initial yields to boot!

Because TifQuik Bahia grass greens up in the spring faster than other Bahia grasses, grazing can commence much earlier in the year, allowing for increased pasture forage and hay production. On top of that, the unique rapid germination properties of TifQuik Bahia allow for hay harvests to take place multiple times during the growing season.

No Better Option

There is no better option for forage growers than TifQuik Bahia Grass, and at Brown and Brown Farms, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best. All of our TifQuik seeds are fully certified, which means that they are tested under the strictest of certification standards to ensure their purity and germination.

Before it’s sold, all our certified TifQuik Bahia seeds must first be conditioned by an approved seed conditioning plant before passing a series of laboratory tests. In addition, they must pass a strict field inspection. Only when all these exacting tests have been carried out to an acceptable standard do we allow for our seeds to be sold. This means that everything you buy from Brown and Brown Farms is sure to be of the highest possible quality.

For more information on TifQuik Bahia Grass seed, including optimum seed rates and growing conditions, check our dedicated information page. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call on 352 748 2085.