Alyce Clover Seed

Alyce Clover Seed

Alyce Clover Seed

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Alyce Clover Seed Information

  • Planting Time: April 15-June 30
  • Type: Legume, Annual
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Applications: Pasture, Hay, Forage, Wildlife Food Plot, Erosion Control, Soil Improvement
  • Germination Period: 3-4 weeks
  • Climate: Southern United States
  • Seed Rate – 15 – 20 lbs. per acre

Alyce Clover Use Map


This annual, warm season legume may reach a height of 60”. Perfect for pasture, forage, hay, erosion control on newly established terraces and soil improvement and conservation. It dries rapidly as hay and can be baled as early as one day after cutting. Seed yield and retention in pods is excellent. It flourishes in well-drained soils with good fertility, including upland sands or flat woods with good drainage. Under wet conditions, it acts like a perennial. It tolerates up to six months of dry seasons and may behave as an annual in drier regions. Alyce Clover does not perform favorable in waterlogged conditions, but does tolerate short-term flooding.

Care and Maintenance

Planting Conditions: humid, sub-humid tropical and subtropical lowlands, under rainfall from 35” to 78”; will not produce well on very acid soils of low fertility. If winter rains are less than normal and soil moisture is low, then overseeding of a grass sod should be delayed until summer rains begin.

  • pH: 5.5-6.0
  • Recommended Fertilizer: OK to soil test
  • Watering Requirements: Very little
  • Grazing: Yes
  • Planting Instructions:15 to 20 lbs. of seed per acre; the higher rate is required when the seedbed and soil conditions are less conducive to growth.
  • The seed may be treated with a cowpea-type inoculant just prior to planting with N-fixing bacteria.