TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass Seed

TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass Seed

TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass Seed

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Centipede Grass Seed Information

  • Planting Time: March through July
  • Type: Permanent
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Applications: Lawns, Parks, Roadsides
  • Germination Period: 2-3 months (summer growth)
  • Climate: Southeastern United States
  • Seed Rate – ¼ lb. per 1000 sq. ft.
  • Seed Depth – 1/8 to 1/4 inch

TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass Seed Use Map


This easy growing, low maintenance seed is a popular choice for home lawns in the southeastern United States. It produces high quality grass that continues to spread even after it’s established, resulting in less weeds and unwanted vegetation. Crawling characteristics mean less need for mowing, while low growth promotes water conservation. It can stay green year round in the south and even does well in mild cold temperatures as long as there are not several hard freezes.

Care and Maintenance

  • Planting Conditions: Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • pH: 5.0-6.5
  • Recommended Fertilizer: None (it grows even in poor soil)
  • Watering Requirements: As needed once established
  • Mowing: Less Frequent

Planting Instructions

New – Use no less than ¼ lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. (1lb. of seed covers 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft.). Water thoroughly, avoiding puddles. Keep soil moist until seedlings begin to germinate, then reduce watering. Water as needed once it reaches full germination.

Re-Seeding – Cut existing lawn as close as possible, then rake and remove debris. Apply seed and water as instructed above.